Woman startled by spider and cobweb next to her

Visiting haunted places is a scary yet an exciting activity to do — that is, if you enjoy being scared. If not, maybe it’s time for you to face your fears because it does have a surprising effect. When you take one of our expertly-guided Charleston ghost tours, you don’t just discover the rich, mysterious history of the city’s ghosts and pirates and marvel at the sights. You also experience a number of benefits that are good for your well-being.

And it starts with facing your fear.

Fear is a Part of You

Feeling scared is normal. Fear is part of being human. It’s a powerful and primitive emotion that alerts you to signs of danger, so it plays a big role in your ability to survive.

There are two stages of fear: biochemical and emotional. The former refers to the universal response while the latter is about the individual response.

The biochemical reaction tells your body if you’ll engage in an aggressive situation or run away once you sense danger, a response known as “fight or flight.” This reaction is automatic and important for survival.

Meanwhile, an emotional response to fear is common for individuals who enjoy activities that pump up their adrenaline, extreme sports, and other thrilling situations that induce fear. But other people have a negative reaction to fear, and they tend to avoid things that trigger it.

Positive Effects of Fear in Your Health

One of the benefits of fear is that it alerts you from harm. You’ll be aware of the threat or danger around you because you feel scared. It’s an ability that helps you survive and live longer. For example, once you feel the fear, your biochemical reaction allows you to handle the danger.

A bit of fear also gives you the chance of living your life to the fullest. You either permit your fear to stop you from doing something, or you face that fear and open up to big opportunities along the way.

If you learn to face your fears, it expands your experience and potential success since nothing holds you back. You can achieve more things in life, which can be rewarding.

Exposing yourself to a fearful situation can make you feel more alive and allow you to step out of your comfort zone. And joining ghost tours is one of the ways to voluntarily scare yourself. The excitement you’ll feel from walking down eerie streets while your guide tells you about a haunting can increase your adrenaline level.

Getting Scared is Fun

Your reaction to scary places or movies can be different from others. One reason some people enjoy being scared is how it affects them. Enjoying scary things does not mean they don’t feel scared since they also have a flight or fight response. Those who have no reaction may not be interested at all.

Going on ghost tours allows you to think about possible responses that you can apply in real life situations. Say you feel like someone’s following you, fear will alert you to respond.

This kind of activity promotes connections as well. It encourages people to talk to each other and share their encounters with ghosts and creepy, inexplicable incidents.

It’s time to face your fears and experience a spooky tour in Charleston. You’ll discover the city’s haunted past and scary stories behind old buildings. Enjoy the cool breeze of the Charleston Harbor and experience the enchanting horror of the Holy City.

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