The Palmetto

Welcome aboard “The Palmetto”, our 45 foot Corinthian Catamaran that is USGC certified for 49 passengers. Powered by two Yamaha 150 4-stroke engines that are very quiet for a safe and enjoyable ride.

Sandlapper Tours boat docked on the beach. Private charter Charleston, SC

Features & Amenities

  • A large, on-board bar equipped for serving a variety of beverages
  • Seating throughout the inside perimeter of the boat
  • Fusion brand surround sound system that is compatible with most smart devices
  • Space to accommodate large tables for special events
  • Carpeted deck
  • Onboard restroom
  • Covered canvas over 3/4 of the vessel, while the other 1/4 is open deck
  • Weather-proof flaps available for chilly or rainy days; enclosed area for up to 35 people
  • The Palmetto has 3.5 feet of freeboard and draws about two feet of water.

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