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Are you always up for thrills?

If you’re looking for an adventure that sends shivers down your spine, the expertly-guided haunted tours in Charleston are perfect for you. Your heart will skip a beat at the thought of a ghost sighting.

Charleston is one of America’s most haunted cities. Its turbulent past spans over 300 years with restless spirits lurking the land. As you roam the eerie streets, you’re sure to stay awake all night after hearing spooky stories.

Here are some of the ghost stories to anticipate on your chilling tour.

Fort Sumter’s “Misfire” Ghost

Battlegrounds are the typical areas for ghost sightings. Fort Sumter has the same reputation, with its so-called polite ghost.

History marks the Battle of Fort Sumter as the beginning of the American Civil War. It occurred from the 12th to the 13th of April 1861. There were no casualties on both sides during the fierce battle. But during the 100-gun salute after the Union’s surrender, Private Edward Galloway was killed by an accidental gun discharge.

Now, visitors claim that they see a man dressed in a traditional war uniform like that of the Union. They even note the smell of gunpowder.

America’s First Female Serial Killer

Another spooky legend in Charleston is the story of Lavinia Fisher, recognized as America’s first female serial killer. Lavinia and her husband, John, ran a motel almost 200 years ago. Weary travelers stopped there to stay the night — and they never continued their journey.

Legend has it that Lavinia offers them a cup of tea tinted with poison that makes guests drowsy. When night time came, and while the victim slept, John pulled a lever leading to the trap door below the bed. This sent the bed and the traveler down into the Fishers’ home.

One traveler, however, survived and escaped. His name was John Peoples. Instead of drinking the tea, he poured it down the sink. With no poison left to make him drowsy, he saw the bed falling before he even laid on it.

He immediately ran out of the motel and went straight to the police station to report the incident. The investigation of the police led them to discover all the bodies of the missing people buried beneath the Fishers’ home.

The townspeople hanged Lavinia and John in The Old Jail for their crimes. To this day, locals report seeing apparitions of the couple haunting the building.

Across the city, you’ll hear of other spooky tales, like sightings of orbs in the Old Exchange Building, Annabel Lee’s ghost roaming the Unitarian Church Graveyard, and sightings of the “Headless Torso” and “Gentleman Ghost” in Charleston’s most haunted inn, the Battery Carriage Inn.

A Fascinating Horror Experience

The mysterious and thrilling chill of the unknown draws many people to Charleston. Join us and others in the unknown.

Enjoy the haunted sights and spine-chilling experiences you will never forget, with our experienced guides weaving the spookiest stories you’ll hear. They’ll cause such a fright that we’re unable to permit kids under three years old.

Contact us today, and experience Charleston’s storied past.