Waterways are considered “America’s oldest highways” and they hold their fair share of secrets and mysteries. One of the recently solved mysteries of the Charleston waterways is the story of The Hunley, which was the first battle submarine of the Confederate States of America. She was the first to sink a warship but mysteriously vanished before she could return to base. For more than a hundred years, The Hunley, along with her crew, had been lost at sea. This was until Clive Cussler, a New York Times bestselling author, located The Hunley in 1995 and the vessel was successfully recovered by the year 2000. This submarine is one of the few solved mysteries that lie below the ocean surface. There are many more mysteries of America’s oldest highway that remain under the surface, waiting to be solved. Charleston’s best ghost and pirate tours with Sandlapper’s Tours are a great way to hear more about these stories.