Charleston is home to a wide variety of diverse wildlife. From birds to fish to otters and everything in between, so many animals call the Holy City home.

One mammal that’s indigenous to the Charleston area is the playful bottlenose dolphin. A fun fact about these animals is that each dolphin has a special whistle that it creates soon after it’s born. This whistle is like a human’s name, it’s used to identify a specific dolphin from the others. The best way to visit with these playful friends in their natural habitats is to charter a private boat tour with Sandlapper Tours, and cruise slowly by as you watch the dolphins jump and surf the waves!

Another animal that’s indigenous to the Charleston area is the loggerhead sea turtle. Did you know that these turtles are named for their massive heads and strong jaws? They can be identified with a reddish-brown heart-shaped shell and range anywhere between 250-1,000 pounds!

You can learn so much more about Charleston’s indigenous wildlife with a Sandlapper Nature Boat Tour!