One of the most notorious stories in Charleston is the story of Lavinia Fisher. She is known as the first female serial killer in the US. Lavinia was married to John Fisher and they both owned the Six Mile Wayfarer House located six miles north of Charleston. It is rumored that this hotel was the center of their murder scheme as it had been reported numerous times that guests had gone missing from the hotel although there was a lack of evidence to prove it.

As the story goes, Lavinia and John created a plan that involved poison tea and a collapsing bed. Lavinia would give the single male guests a cup of tea before bed and as they were sleeping, and then Lavinia and John would collapse the bed under the guests, ending their lives abruptly and leaving no explanation to those wondering. It is documented that Lavinia Fisher is buried in a potter’s field near the Old County Jail and it is rumored that her ghost is still roaming around the Charleston area, searching for her next victim.

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