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Are you planning a day trip or weekend getaway, but feeling a little short on cash? Are you in the South, or planning a trip down there soon?

Are you looking for things to do in Charleston SC for free?

Well, never fear. There are tons of options that you’ll love doing in Charleston without opening your wallet. We’ve got all of the information you’ll need to have a great time on the cheap.

1. Window Shopping

You don’t need money to window shop, after all. Head over to the historic Charleston City Market to take in all the great culture and amazing artisanal crafts while indoors. The Market runs between East Bay Street and Meeting Street, so there’s more than enough for you to check out.

For even more great window shopping, head over to King Street for some great specific boutiques along with high-end stores.

2. Go To The Beach

if you’re a fan of the surf and sun, Charleston has plenty of options for you. Folly Beach is one of the best-loved options, but there are tons of other options out there for you. Here are a few other beaches in the Charleston area you may want to check out:

  • Sullivan Island
  • Edisto Beach
  • Bull Island
  • Isle of Palms
  • Mosquito Beach
  • Kiawah Island

The above are just a sampling of your beach options in Charleston. Choose the beach that’s right for you! Or, if you’re will to shell out a little bit of cash, try booking a Sandlapper Tour to see even more of Charleston’s majestic waterfront.

3. Take a Walk

Charleston offers many amazing scenic walks you can choose from. You can head to the Battery for the view, or take one of the many Art Walks for something a little bit more structured. The Charleston Gallery Association organizes art walks on the first Friday of December, March, May, and October and they’re 100 percent for free. Each gallery even offers complimentary treats!

On the other hand, if you love a garden, head over to the Gateway Walk to see the pride and joy of the Garden Club.

Or, if you’re not looking for a particular destination, just set off and walk throughout the city. You can use a GPS or a map application on your phone to ensure you won’t get lost. 

4. Check Out The Local Architecture

Charleston is home to many beautiful buildings that you’ll love to look at. Rainbow Row is just one fabulous example but probably one of the most famous ones. That doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of other amazing options for you to check!

For a cool colonial-style building with creepy-crawly vibes, try heading over to the Old Exchange Building and Provost Dungeon. If you’re interested in the Neoclassical style, go check out the Fireproof Building. If you find church architecture fascinating, you should make sure to take a look at St. Michael’s Church.

If you’re into other forms of classical architecture, there’s the U.S. Custom House, the Dock Street Theater, Charleston City Hall, and so many other examples of great classical forms of architecture.

Or, if you love Art Deco, go over to The Riviera Theatre for one of the most exciting Art Deco buildings in the United States. There are tons of interesting examples of diverse types of architecture in Charleston, South Carolina, so look around and see what interests you. 

5. Have a Picnic At The Park

Do you love a picnic? Charleston features some of the most beautiful parks in the nation, so it’s only natural that you’d want to head out to enjoy them. Check out a festival at Brittlebank Park, watch the sunset at Charleston Waterfront Park, or try out James Island County Park for plenty of cool and interesting activities for the whole family.

If you’re into especially interesting trees, make sure that you go over to Johns Island to see the Angel Oak Tree which is over a thousand years old! Charleston is full of beautiful and interesting parks that are picture-perfect for a picnic, so you could even make a couple of different days of picnicking in the park.

6. Head To The Museum

If you’re a big art fan, you’ll be happy to know that the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art is completely free for admission, and it also offers free group tours if you’d like a guide to the great art at the museum. For even more art, you can go to the City Gallery at Waterfront Park as well for a diverse range of art options.

If you’re more of a fan of science, head over to the Mace Brown Museum of Natural History to see hundreds of amazing fossils.

If you’re more interested in learning about the history of the amazing institution of the United States Postal Service, make sure to check out the Charleston Postal Museum to learn about the history of Charleston’s mail.

These, of course, are just some of the many amazing museums in Charleston. Other museums may offer discounts or free nights, so do your research and see what your options are for cheaper rates at other museums and art galleries that you may be interested in checking out.

The Top Things To Do in Charleston SC For Free Today

The above are just some of the many great things to do in Charleston SC for free.

Do your research and keep an eye out, and the world will be your oyster! You’ll have plenty of activities for you to do for days to come.

Are you looking for more details on all the coolest things you can do in Charleston, South Carolina? Contact us today!