What to pack when you charter a boat. Sandlapper Water Tours Blog

Charting a boat is one of those experiences that stay with you for a lifetime. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth chartering a boat on your trip to South Carolina, you certainly shouldn’t miss out!

From fishing experiences to dolphin watching and even watching the best of the 4th of July fireworks, the sights are spectacular. But, what do you pack for a boat tour? Here’s a quick guide. 

 General Clothing 

If you’re lucky enough to catch good weather, you’ll only need to take some basic clothing items with you. For example, bikini, shorts, sarong, sundress, shirts. It’s important to pack accessories like hats and flip flops.

It can be easy to underestimate the heat of the sun and if you don’t wear a hat while out on the water, you’re leaving yourself at risk of heatstroke. Wearing flip flops can protect you from slipping across wet surfaces while on the boat.

Specific Sailing Gear 

There are certain sailing items you can take to make your trip even more enjoyable. For instance, taking your own polarized glasses will allow you to keep your eyes protected from the sun and see clearly into the water. These are ideal for fishing trips.

No matter what kind of boat you charter, wearing a life jacket will be vital and most charters will provide them for you. However, general life jackets can be uncomfortable, so bringing your own could make your trip more enjoyable.

Helpful Items 

Whether you’re vacationing on land or at sea, you should never forget to take sunscreen with you. It can also help to take a small insect repellant spray with you. Be sure to bring any prescription medication with you, even if you think you won’t need any for the duration of the trip.

It can be helpful to pack a few snacks and take them on the boat with you- especially if you’re travelling with young children. Plain crackers are a good choice for anyone who could be prone to seasickness.

If any of your party is likely to get sick at sea, they should take sea sickness medication at least an hour before the chartered boat sets sail.

Extra Tips 

If you’re making stops while you’re on the boat, using a distinct flag or taking pictures of the boat can help. When you return to the harbor, you’ll be able to easily identify your boat.

Don’t worry about taking towels to the boat. Chartered boats usually have more than enough. Leave any unnecessary electronics behind. Taking your phone is wise but iPads, straighteners etc will just put a strain on the boat’s electrical system. 

Planning for Your Boat Tour 

The truth is, planning for your boat tour is fairly simple because life on a boat is wonderfully laid back. Keeping things as simple as possible is what a good vacation is all about. Take a look at these tours for an idea of what to expect in South Carolina.