5 Fun Ideas for Your Next Boat Charter in Charleston, South Carolina. Sandlapper Water Tours Blog

One of the reasons why South Carolina is one of the most popular states to visit is because the weather is ideal nearly year-round for a boat ride. But did you know that you don’t need to fish to have an excuse to charter a boat?

It’s true—you can charter a boat for a party, special event, harbor tour, and more. Here are five great excuses for booking a boat charter to experience the beauty of the Charleston coastline. 

1. Private Party 

It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, whether it’s someone’s birthday, anniversary, or to celebrate an upcoming wedding. Chartering is a boat is a fun way to share your happiness with a group of family members and friends.

You can also charter a boat to transport your party to a waterfront restaurant for the actual festivities. 

2. Spend the Day on an Island 

Imagine being taken to your own small private island for the day and being treated to a delicious meal such as a BBQ, country boil, or oyster roast. There are many small uninhabited islands off the Charleston coastline perfect for a beachside feast.

It’s like being shipwrecked without an actual wreck and worrying that you’ll never be rescued.

3. Learn More About the Local Wildlife 

The waters off of Charleston are teeming with marine life such as dolphins and horseshoe crabs while several species of birds call the area home. A nature tour boat charter can help you and your guests get to know the creatures that inhabit the area a little better.

Great blue herons, brown pelicans, and snowy egrets are just some of the birds you’re likely to see on such a trip. A nature tour usually includes a stop at one of the best places to see Charleston wildlife.

4. Take a Sunset Cruise 

We agree that there’s no better way to watch the sunset over Charleston than from a boat’s deck while enjoying refreshments. The skyline turns brilliant shades of orange and pink as birds glide above the boat.

While anyone will love a sunset cruise, this is also a romantic way to celebrate an anniversary, engagement, or a special date night. 

5. Corporate Event 

Maybe you’d like to thank your employees for their hard work or you’d like to plan a fun event for the annual sales conference. A boat excursion allows your team to kick back, relax, and inhale the fresh sea air while sipping on a beverage, enjoying bites to eat, and listening to music. 

Book Sandlapper Water Tours For Your Next Boat Charter 

As you can see, there’s no shortage of occasions for renting a boat charter. A Charleston boat ride can delight adults and children alike, and create a memorable experience.

Now that you know some great ideas for a boat charter, perhaps you’d like to try one of these for yourself. We offer all of the above charter options and more. To see availability, check out our schedule and then reserve a tour or private charter.