When you book a Nature and Dolphin tour with Sandlapper Tours, there is an array of wildlife you may encounter aboard the Palmetto as well as on the shores of neighboring islands. Our serene coastal cruise is both relaxing and educational, with a unique tour of Charleston’s historic landmarks, the Charleston harbor, and the waterways of the Lowcountry. For all those interested in wildlife, a water tour is the best way to experience and learn about our native wildlife in their natural habitat.

While cruising in the Charleston harbor, our crew will pull crab pots full of interesting creatures to add to our onboard touch tank. From crabs to starfish, guests will have the opportunity to learn about and touch any of our fantastic finds from the sea. The Charleston harbor is home to various crabs, such as the fiddler crab, blue crab, stone crab, spider crab, and hermit crab. Blue crab is the most commonly caught crab in our waters. It is often what chefs prefer to prepare due to its sweet meat, but don’t worry; we won’t be doing any cooking aboard the Palmetto!

Our Nature and Dolphin tour will stop on the uninhabited Morris Island for all guests to explore onshore. Licensed naturalists have joined our crew to help point out all of the fascinating sea life we may discover. Common bird species in this area include Great Blue Herons, Snowy Egrets, Eastern Brown Pelicans, and Least Terns. In addition to birds, explorers may encounter sea turtles, horseshoe crabs, and more! For those who enjoy searching for hidden treasures, the beaches of Morris Island can be scoured for beautiful shells and shark teeth.

Although dolphin sightings cannot be guaranteed, they are definitely not a rare occurrence in Lowcountry waters. Our local bottlenose dolphins are friendly and playful and often put on a show for cruising boats. According to the South Carolina Aquarium, anywhere from 300-900 dolphins can be found in the Charleston area throughout the year. The species has adapted to living in the Charleston harbor amidst the boat traffic by utilizing barrier feeding, a technique in which the mammals will trap fish against a large surface such as the side of a boat. Be sure to keep an eye out during the duration of your water tour, for dolphins could show up at any moment to say hello!

There is no greater way to explore the waterways of Charleston and experience our native wildlife than with a Nature and Dolphin Tour.  We hope to see you the next time we hit the water! To book your tour now, follow the link below to get started.

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