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Everyone knows that sunsets provide a stunning view, but did you know that watching the sunset is also good for your health? Your vacation to Charleston wouldn’t be complete without a sunset charter cruise to experience the Holy City by boat. Tourists and locals alike can get a unique perspective on Charleston’s stunning views, wildlife, history, and good old-fashioned Southern charm while cruising the harbor at sunset. These are all the great reasons why tourists and locals alike should book a Charleston sunset cruise.

1. The Stunning Views 

There is no better place to experience the breathtaking views of Charleston’s skyline at sunset than on a charter cruise. A sunset cruise ship will take you on a beautiful adventure along Charleston’s infamous harbor. Guests will get to see the skyline in dazzling sunset colors and see close up views of forts, private islands, and lighthouses. Seeing the city by boat is also a great way to see a unique view of Arthur Ravenel Bridge, a landmark bridge over the Cooper River, which connects downtown Charleston to Mount Pleasant. The bridge is particularly beautiful when it’s lit up at night.

The Ravenel Bridge is not only a gorgeous sight to see, but it’s also an outstanding engineering feat to observe. It’s built to stand winds up to 300 miles per hour and 7.4 magnitude earthquakes. Additionally, it’s one of only a few cable-stayed bridges in the entire world, spanning an impressive 13,200 feet. 

Chartered cruises are also the perfect place to experience views of the Battery, a defensive seawall and promenade that’s famous for its grand antebellum homes.

The last great thing about the stunning view is, no two sunsets are the same. If you’ve been out on the water in Charleston before, you’re guaranteed to get a new beautiful view every time you watch the sunset.  

 2. See the Wildlife and Natural Environment 

Nature is good for the soul, and natural beauty is abundant off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina. There is no better place to witness the true beauty than by boat.

The South Carolina coast is home to a large population of bottlenose dolphins who live in the region year-round. Charleston Harbor is the best place to view these intelligent marine mammals.

Children and adults alike will delight in seeing pods of playful dolphins, who love to come out at sunset. In addition to dolphins, you may also see pelicans taking a dive or other seabirds cruising in the multi-colored sky. The natural environment is also home to a salt marsh and a diverse wetlands ecosystem that provides a beautiful natural setting when cruising through Charleston’s waters. 

3. Experience an Evening of Romance

Whether you’re planning a proposal or want a romantic date night, you’re guaranteed to have the night of a lifetime on a sunset cruise. Enjoy a good glass of wine or a cold beer with your partner, while you gaze out at the sun setting over the city of Charleston.

Planning a proposal is a huge undertaking and takes a lot of planning. Whether you want an intimate moment, or you want to be surrounded by family and friends, a charter cruise makes both options possible.

Sometimes you need a little help to make your proposal a unique surprise. The beauty of proposing on a sunset cruise is you also have an entire crew to help you make your proposal seamless. They can help you with the surprise, provide instructions for photographers on where to get the best shots, and set things up for you as needed.

Everyone wants beautiful photographs of their proposal. There is not a better backdrop for your proposal photos than the sun setting over the Holy City.  

If you’re planning a proposal, consider booking a cruise with Sandlapper Water Tours and contact us with any special requests.

4. Make Unforgettable Memories on a Charter Cruise

Charleston is the perfect vacation destination for large groups and parties. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, holding a company retreat, or hosting an engagement party, a charter cruise is an opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime. Planning a Charleston Bachelorette Party? There are so many reasons why cruises are the best for special occasions like bachelorette parties. The personalized experience allows you and your group to celebrate the vision of the bride.

Depart from the inner harbor, step onto the cruise ship, and get ready to party. Have dinner and drinks, and ask the crew to put on your favorite playlist on the surround stereo system. We know bachelorette parties are all about the gram. There is nothing more Gram worthy than a group of beautiful ladies on a sunset cruise in the Charleston Harbor. 

5. Relax, Unwind, and Enjoy a Drink 

Watching the sunset gives your brain a chance to relax, unwind from a busy day, and appreciate the moment you’re in. The beauty of a charter cruise is you don’t need to worry about a thing. You board the ship, and the rest of the details are taken care of for you. No cooking, cleaning up or figuring out where you’re going. You get to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view with your loved ones.One of the great luxuries in life is to relax on the water with a drink in your hand. The Palmetto ship, Sandlapper’s Water Tours premier ship, has an on-board bar with a large variety of your favorite beverages to choose from.

6. Meet Interesting People

Sometimes when you travel to the most popular tourist destinations and don’t stray a little bit off the beaten path, you miss the opportunity to engage with the locals. Speaking with locals gives you the chance to grow as a person and learn about others’ history and culture. This allows us to see things from other people’s perspectives.The crew at Sandlapper’s Water Tours are friendly and knowledgeable. If you have questions about the local community, culture, wildlife, or history they probably know the answer. Charleston, South Carolina has a rich culture and the crew loves to share that with you.

In addition to learning from the locals, there is no better place than a cruise to talk to friendly fellow travelers. Charleston is a popular tourist destination that attracts travelers from around the world. Who knows who you could meet on your next charter cruise.

7. Live the Artist’s and Photographer’s Dream

There is no doubt that sunsets are inspiring for everyone, but they are particularly inspiring for creatives. If you’re looking for a muse for your next watercolor, or want to get some beautiful photographs on your Charleston adventure, look no further than a Charleston sunset cruise. For the professional or amateur photographer, taking a ship charter is an opportunity to capture unique shots of Charleston that many people don’t get to see. A sunset cruise is a perfect time to capture the sunset, as well as, the blue hour. The blue hour refers to the 20-30 minute time frame just after sunset. While many photographers focus on the golden hour, many often forget about the magic of the blue hour. The blue hour is actually the best time to photograph cityscapes and is an ideal time to get shots of the beautiful Charleston skyline.

There’s also an abundance of opportunities for photographers to capture shots of dolphins and seabirds, the Battery, the Ravenel Bridge, antebellum homes, forts, and a lighthouse.

8. You Can Avoid the Crowds 

If you’re trying to get away from chain hotels, crowded restaurants, loud bars, and typically crowded tourist destinations, then a charter cruise is for you. Charleston is a major tourist destination and nights out at the bar will typically involve a large crowd. A charter cruise is a way to experience a more private tour of the city in an intimate setting. If you’re less of a bar person and more interested in the historic landmarks, places like the Battery are heavily trafficked areas for tourists visiting the city. You can view these historic landmarks from the water in a more peaceful setting. The crew is also there at your disposal to explain things away from the hustle and bustle of the big city crowds. 

9. Charleston Charter Cruises are Affordable

Vacation is expensive. After you spend a great deal of money on hotels and airfare, you don’t want to break the bank with constant expensive activities. Luckily, it’s affordable to take a charter cruise in Charleston. Prices range depending on what amenities are offered but there are many budget-friendly Charleston cruises, including the tours offered by Sandlapper Water Tours.

And don’t worry, just because they’re affordable does not mean they’re skimping on luxury.

10. Learn About Charleston’s Rich History

If you’re a history buff and can’t seem to get enough of the rich history in Charleston, South Carolina, the perfect place to observe the city’s historical landmarks is on a charter cruise. Charleston’s Battery dates back to the Civil War. The Battery is a strategic point on the Charleston Harbor and was important to the early history of the city. Broughton’s Battery, which was later named Fort Wilkins, was built in 1737 and served the city well until the 1780s. In 1789 the fort was dismantled and the sea walls were strengthened. Still standing today are Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse, Fort Sumter, and Castle Pickney. These historic sites can all be viewed from the historic Battery’s promenade. 

11. Watching the Sunset is Good for Your Health

Everyone should watch more sunsets, but we seem to only watch the sunset when we’re on vacation. There are so many reasons why we should all take the time to watch the sunset. We spend so much time stressed out, worrying about work, money, and the state of the world today. Most people have read about the important power of mindfulness, and watching the sunset is the perfect time to practice mindfulness. Any time you can take to breathe, be present, and appreciate the beauty at hand is good for your mental health. Watching the sunset has the power to make you feel grateful. Gratitude plays an important part in the overall mental wellness of individuals and has a huge impact on an individual’s ability to manage stress.

Additionally, the benefits of meditating and spending time in nature has been well-researched and documented by scientists throughout time. Taking the time to soak in the sunset in a natural setting can do wonders at the end of a busy day.

12. The Personalized Service is Luxury at its Finest

The entire crew on your charter cruise is there to cater to you and a small group of guests. That’s the epitome of luxury and something everyone deserves to experience on vacation. If you need a drink, they are there to get it for you. If you have a question about the local history or wildlife, they are there to answer it. Personalized service goes a long way with impressing your guests. Whether you’re hosting clients and showing them the sites, or having an engagement party for family and friends, the service provided on a charter cruise is sure to wow them. Good customer service is everything, and one of the reasons cruises are the best is because they provide that. 

Book Your Charleston Sunset Cruise Today

If you’re traveling to Charleston for a vacation, or you’re a local looking for a new and exciting experience, don’t wait to book your Charleston sunset cruise.

It will be an unforgettable adventure that you and your loved ones will remember for a lifetime.