Everyone loves a good booze cruise! What could be better than spending time with friends on a boat seeing the amazing city of Charleston from the water, and sipping on some adult beverages?! We’re here to fully prepare you with the essentials for your next booze cruise, so you won’t miss any of the amazing history and sights from the water!
First up, as much as you want to take in all those UV rays, they’re stronger than you think! Definitely pack sunscreen to be safe. Bring different coverage numbers depending on the UV and how fast you burn. Don’t forget that the sun reflects off of the water, so make sure to be extra covered. Better to be safe than sorry! Nothing ruins your day like a crisp burn on your way to dinner!
Definitely don’t forget to bring a reusable water bottle! All that time in the sun will make you dehydrated quickly, so make sure you bring plenty of water and are hydrating throughout the day in-between drinks! Single-use bottles can easily fly off the boat into the ocean endangering our neighbors under the sea so save those turtles and choose to reuse!
Bring a camera! You’re going to want to capture those exciting moments on the water with your friends to look back on forever, so make sure you have a camera (or your phone’s camera). You also don’t want to miss capturing pictures of any of the amazing wildlife we see on tours, like bottlenose dolphins, schools of fish, birds like eastern brown pelicans and great blue herons, and blue crabs!
Make sure you have a bag to keep all of your personal belongings in while underway. You don’t want your sunscreen rolling around the deck when you’re trying to take pictures of the dolphins jumping the waves.
And don’t forget to keep the booze cold! Bring a small cooler or coozies to keep your drinks chilled throughout your excursion. Drinks can get hot quickly when they are out in the sun for a while, and nothing’s worse than a warm drink on a hot day.
If you’re prepared with these essentials, there is no doubt that your time on the Sandlapper tours will be the highlight of your trip! To book your tour now, follow the link below to get started!