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Things to do in Charleston, SC With Kids

March 31st, 2016

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Charleston, SC is an area rich with culture, attractions and visually awe-inspiring sights. Sometimes, however, your young kids will need more than historically relevant landmarks to keep their attention satisfied and fulfilled. These 10 things to do in Charleston will educate, entertain and exercise the spirits of your young lovelies and will keep you engaged and charmed by the great wonders that only Holy City can provide.

Top 10 Things to do in Charleston with Kids:

The South Carolina Aquarium: Your little young ones will love the many gigantic fish tanks letting their creativity run wild. Their friendly and helpful staff roams the facility, constantly seeking to inform and promote the regular events occurring throughout each day.

Dock Street Theater: Built upon the site where America’s first purpose-built theater was erected in 1736, the theater today is home to a number of exciting plays. An afternoon or early-evening visit here will bestow upon your children a cultural experience and also treat them to a work of theatrical art.

Sandlapper Tours: Founded as a brainchild of two Charleston native brothers, the Sandlapper boat tours are excellent experiences for the whole family. Centered around a variety of exciting themes, it’s a great way to spend a sunny afternoon while you and the little ones learn about the wonder of Mother Nature and work up an appetite for some fine southern cuisine, come dinner-time.

Middleton Place: Charleston has a wealth of lush natural landscapes to tour and the grounds at Middleton are among the most awe-inspiring. The mansion and surrounding land were initially constructed in 1755 and are today maintained to ensure flowers bloom on the property all year long.

The Nature Train Tour @ Magnolia Planation: This 45-minute tour is a great addition to any vacation day. The tour takes passengers through swamplands, forests and around the historic architectural grounds of the plantation. Guests experience history, wildlife and good, restful social time.

Downtown Charleston: The city’s actual downtown area is a sight to behold all on its own. With the abundance of historical sites, delicious eateries and wonderful shopping destinations, there’s always something to do for the whole family.

Splash Island Water Park: Kids get hot and sometimes that can result in a cranky attitude. There’s nothing like a water park as a way for young Charleston visitors to let off some steam and have a ball in the process. Make sure you check the schedule as the park is open seasonally and hours change depending on the time of the year.

Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry: Calling this place a museum is quite an understatement. It’s rich with activities including an art room, a kid’s garden and a medieval creativity castle. Each exhibit has entertainment aspects coupled with educational components as well. They’ll leave with a beaming smile on their face and a ton of new knowledge in their sweet, young minds.

Stand Up Paddleboard: If you children are in their early or mid-teenage years, the chance to get out on the water while also getting a great workout is there in a paddleboard experience. You’ll be out on the pond in the lush and welcoming James Island State Park.

Trophy Lakes: Have you or your kids ever dreamed of learning how to water-ski or wakeboard? At Trophy Lakes’ cable park, it’s possible to get started as a beginner in an environment monitored and regulated by real watersport pros.

The Charleston area has so many exciting activities to offer guests of all ages. You’ll have to remember to take a moment for rest at some point and definitely be ready for your kids to thank you endlessly for all the fun they have!

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