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5 Kinds of History Tours in Charleston SC

August 30th, 2016

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Few would argue that the best way to learn about Charleston’s long and rich history is by spending time with local experts who offer guided tours of the city. Whether you’re visiting this city for the first time or you’re a native, it’s really helpful (and convenient!) to let the professionals who devote themselves to Charleston history to help you discover Charleston’s past and present through one of the many history tours in Charleston SC.

Here are some of the most popular kinds of history tours of the best city in the world—Charleston, South Carolina. (We may be just a little bit biased!)

5 Kinds of History Tours in Charleston SC

Museum and Historic Home Tours

Primarily self-guided, these tours take you through the economic, political, and domestic history of Charleston and the South. Most of the sites are clustered along Museum Mile, where you’ll find five mansions from the 1800s, six museums, and the Old Slave Mart Museum that documents the invaluable contributions slaves made. The Charleston Market is within this area where you’ll find authentic local shopping and restaurants day and night.

Walking Tours

One of the best ways to appreciate the city’s history is by walking through its neighborhoods. The slower pace gives you time to see the myriad architectural details and pause at your leisure to take pictures or just soak in the scenery, There are dozens of walking tours, from short to long, throughout the famous parts of this city. The tour guides provide a depth of information as you walk that adds an interesting and educational dimension.

Carriage Tours

Mix up the walking tours with guided carriage rides through the historic areas of Charleston to experience the authenticity of years gone by. The clop-clop of horse hooves on cobblestones through the oldest neighborhoods of the city will make you feel as if you’ve gone back in time yourself.

Harbor Tours

Gain an entirely different perspective of the city by touring the Charleston Harbor from the water with Sandlapper Tours history tours. The USS Yorktown’s history spans World War II through the space age, and some harbor tours take you up close to this aircraft carrier. Seeing Fort Sumter where the first shot of the Civil War was fired takes you even further back in time. You’ll gain a new perspective of the Arthur Ravenel Bridge, and the antebellum homes in the Battery area of Charleston from the water.

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Local Lore Tours

Not many American cities can take you to the early days of settlement like Charleston can, with live reenactments of the life of Blackbeard and other notorious pirates in Charleston. Between the facts and the legends, these tours are entertaining and educational for kids and adults alike. You can also go on ghost and dungeon walking tours of the city—and Charleston Ghost Tours on the harbor, too!—visiting places where prisoners were held during the Revolutionary War and other spooky sites. Charleston boasts plenty of haunted houses, cemeteries, and mysterious alleyways.

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