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Fun, Exciting Educational Tours in Charleston, SC

Our Charleston Education Tours bring the rich and vivid coast of  Charleston alive with educational programs and field trips tailored for all grades.
Sandlapper Tours invites students and teachers to step out beyond the classroom and on to our 45ft US Coast Guard inspected catamaran. The boat holds a max of 49 passengers and has a restroom on board. Exciting and creative history and science programs, based on SC Curriculum Standards await in this natural environment in Charleston Harbor. Tours allow students to see and hear about Charleston’s abundant marine life and the opportunity to see dolphins and crabs up close on the boat.

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On the Morris Island Beach Ecology Program, students will see Charleston’s Waterfront, the Battery and Ft. Sumter. A crab pot is pulled with contents viewed on a on-board touch tank. All partake in a beach walk with the Naturalists. The lists of objectives are specific to the grade level of students participating in the program. Programs can be scheduled for anytime during the day. All programs are age appropriate and have been designed for students in grades K – 12.

Click here to view a powerpoint introduction geared for all grade levels (K – 12)

Click the links below to view an instructional powerpoint on the Sandlapper Program designed to meet South Carolina Standards for:

* Third Grade (Science and Social studies)
* Fifth Grade (Science)
* Seventh Grade (Science)

History Programs

With our Charleston historic tours, participants will learn about Charleston’s rich history and colorful maritime history. The History Program route encompasses the Charleston Battery, Fort Sumter, Fort Moultrie and the Yorktown. This is a 1 1/2 hr program with a Licensed History Guide. This private program can take place at anytime of the day. It will accommodate 49 people max.

Combo History – Nature Program

We also offer Charleston combo tours – History and Nature Program. This is a 3 hr program which combines the History and Morris Island Beach Ecology Program. The students are joined by the Licensed History Guide and Naturalists. This program can take place anytime of the day and will accommodate a max of 49 people.

We also can arrange a full day for your students’ outing and can run up three to four trips a day with each lasting 1 – 2 hrs enabling us to accommodate student groups of 150 – 200. In addition, we open our daily scheduled public History and Nature Tours at a discounted rate for smaller school groups.

Sandlapper Water Tours is located at the Charleston Maritime Center approximately half a block south of the SC Aquarium in downtown Charleston. We offer free parking for cars and buses.

For more information about our curriculums or a specific programs objective regarding any of our programs, please use our on – line contact form or call the Sandlapper office at 843 – 849 -8687. We’ll be happy to send you the specific SC grade’s curriculum and our Program’s curriculum.

Pirate Tour Program

At the turn of the 18th century and at the height of the golden age of piracy, the City of Charleston, South Carolina was at war with the most sinister Pirates who ever sailed the seas. Charleston’s beautiful and scenic harbor was the gem of the fledgling American colonies and a key target for any Pirates with plunder on their minds. Some of the most infamous Pirates with plunder on their minds. Some of the most infamous Pirates in history held the Holy City hostage on more than one occasion. The city descended into fear every time the “Jolly Roger” was seen flying at the mouth of Charleston’s Harbor. The very survival of the new colony was at stake! The frightened citizens of Charleston were forced to confront their Pirate tormentors with murderous results.

Come and join Sandlapper Water Tours for the only Pirate tour offered on the water in Charleston today. Our expert guides will lead your group through the historic and enchanted harbor of Charleston, South Carolina and regale you with tales of Blackbeard, Capt. Stede Bonnet, Charles Vain, Calico Jack Rachem, and Anne Bonney, the first female pirate. Get up close and personal with these fiendish Pirates of the Caribbean and the heroes of Charleston who put an end to piracy in the holy city. YO – HO!!

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Dolophins, Dolphins, and more Dolphins! – PulliamAJ

We were very pleased when we realized that we were experiencing dolphins fishing for their food. It was truly amazing to see nature at work. The pelicans and other birds flying around were taking full advantage of the dolphins and their remarkable fishing ability. The naturalist on board was very informative and light hearted. Her explanation about how to tell a female blue crab from a male blue crab was entertaining and memorable.

Terrific Nature Tour – desbutterfly

We really enjoyed our tour with Sandlapper tours. Both the captain and first mate were friendly and knowledgeable. We really enjoyed finding shark teeth on the shell beach!

Fun and informative. Enthusiastic guides. – sgrabows07

Well worth it. Both of the guides are knowledgeable and friendly. We learned about nature and history although the atmosphere was hardly classroom – a nice boat ride learning about the things around you. We had great luck seeing a large number of dolphins, which we were told was about a 75% chance.

The kids loved it! The adults had fun too. – timothypf

I learned about Sandlapper Tours when I chaperoned my son’s class trip to Charleston in May. At the time, I knew we would be entertaining our two nephews from New Hampshire for a week. The trip was such a hit, I took a picture of the boat so I would have the phone number and could book a return visit. The second trip was everything it promised: informational — with both history and marine biology (I learned about pregnant crabs); fun — the boat ended up in a pod of dolphins at feeding time; and relaxing — walking along a deserted beach as Morris Island. The kids loved it, and my husband and I had fun too.

Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence

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